Mr. Argüello is the principal of a school. Day by day he checks the backpacks of all his students in search of a latent threat. Cata, a 14-year-old student, suffers an accident at the lake, and Argüello must take care of her for the next few hours while her parents are located.


Our part of the world

Early in the morning, while their son sleeps, Jazmin and Marcelo make preparations for their last family vacation together. They seem at peace with the upcoming separation, but as the sun rises, a whirlwind of intimacy, conversation and love leaves them dazed and confused.

Foto La fiesta Silenciosa 03

The silent party

Hours away from celebrating her wedding at her father’s ranch, Laura goes for a walk alone and finds an unusual party. The music and the atmosphere keep her away from the tensions for a moment until a violent event drastically changes the course of the night involving her father and her fiancé.

Foto El 5 de Talleres02

El cinco

Patón Bonassiolle, captain and midfielder of Club Atlético Talleres (Remedios de Escalada), realizes that his career as a soccer player has come to an end. He played all his life for the club, without achieving fame or fortune. At the age of 35, he must rely on his wife Ale to find a new direction in his life. Patón will have to deal with the end of his career and the farewell to his youth to find the way out of the labyrinth.

Desperté con un sueño 02

I woke up with a dream

Felipe is a teenager from La Paloma who attends an acting workshop behind his mother’s back, since she is against him becoming an actor. When the opportunity arrives to attend a casting in Montevideo, Felipe escapes by bus for the day, but when he begins to pass the stage he finds it necessary to extend his stay, and the lie falls through his fingers.

foto SangreVurdalak01

Vurdalak blood

A man returns to his home, an old house in the middle of nature, after killing a vampire, but his family wonders if he is still human.

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